The Ethical Brain – M. S. Gazzaniga (2005)

Start: Fri, Feb 05


  • Dartmouth
  • Dana Press


  • philosophers
  • theologians
  • public policy on morality

how the brain enables the mind
how beliefs are formed & deepened


  • OLD:
    • field of philosophy
    • right/wrongs – treatment / enhancement of human brain
  • Updated:
    • social issues of disease, normality, mortality, lifestyle
    • philosophy of living informed by our understanding of underlying brain mechanisms
    • brain-based philosophy of life

the brain wants to believe. We are wired to form beliefs.
cultural influences, environment, religious beliefs.
/* (-) aspect of culture: arbitrary/random nature of subjective experiences by means of contextual variations

Ch 1

states of being
continuity argument

  • potential for development

conceptual agreement of established scientific fact; yet wide/drastic variations in rituals of determination/practice


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